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 Field-Bosses in Megaten :>

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Field-Bosses in Megaten :>  Empty
PostSubject: Field-Bosses in Megaten :>    Field-Bosses in Megaten :>  EmptySun Feb 13, 2011 4:18 pm

Every here and then Clannies would ask for certain Field-Boss spawns, most likely for bitchy DFQ , aka, when? where?

I have my reasons why I don't do these Quests X_X

I found this rly useful thread on Aeria Forums for it, so I thought I shall share it with you guys :3


I cannot confirm the Information, but i don't see why it should be wrong either o.o

I hope it helps ^_^ Happy Hunting

Field-Bosses in Megaten :>  Newsiggym
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Field-Bosses in Megaten :>
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