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 Clan Bank List

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Clan Bank List Empty
PostSubject: Clan Bank List   Clan Bank List EmptyMon Jun 14, 2010 3:45 pm

Here's a list of stuff in the clan bank. Feel free to request any of the items below and your reason for needing it.

If you would like to access the clan bank feel free to ask any of the subs or leave a comment on this thread.

*note* if your storing something in the clan bank, and you plan on wanting it back. start a new topic, and post what you have in the bank, and also write that you plan getting it back. this help clan members who uses the banker account from giving something away by mistake.

Clovers`Banker is usually found in Babel Channel 4, South Term Babel Community Zone, beside the Terminal.

  • 58,577 Macca
  • 1,267 Magnetites

  • Baphomet
  • Principality(x2)
  • Omoikane (x2)
  • Zhu Que
  • Furiae

Demon Cards
  • Gabriel Card
  • Rafael Card
  • Michael Card (x2)
  • Belial Card (x4)
  • Suano-O Card (x11)
  • Kushinada-Hime Card (x2)
  • Oberon Card (x4)
  • Jack Frost Card (x307)
  • Pyro Jack Card (x17)
  • Incubus Card (x6)
  • Byakko Card (x2)
  • Ocypete Card
  • Celaeno Card (x6Undine Card (x12)
  • Gnome Card (x2)
  • Sylph Card (x6)
  • Decarabia Card (x3)
  • Forneus Card
  • Aello Card

One-Time Use
  • Orbs of Rapidity (x50)
  • Orbs of Speed (NT) (x10)
  • Material Sequencer II (x4)
  • Cabinet Pro (x84)
  • Incense of Adventure (x9)
  • Incense of the Novice (x3)
  • Demonic Perfume
  • Revival Beads (x10)
  • Ointment (L) - PVP only (x8)
  • Pledge of Friendship Emote (x4)
  • Kiss of Love Emote (x9)
  • Incense of Heredity (x20)
  • Mirror of Moonlight (Lunar Eclipse) (x13)
  • Mirror of Moonlight (Full Moon) (x110)
  • Gift Melon (Trust) (x9)
  • Cup of Twilight (x10)
  • Cup of Spirits 3x (x30)
  • Cup of Spirits 5x (x28)


  • Pre-Intaglio: Phoenix (x2)[0/9]
  • Pre-Intaglio: Decarabia (x2) [10/10]
  • Laurin's Ring (x3) [27/27]

  • Halloween Drill COMP M [15/15]

  • Nemissa's Suit F [30/30] *Banker's clothes
  • Argama Suit M x2 [40/40]
  • Cloth of Power M [50/50]
  • Chic Casual Shirt M [36/37]
  • Rider's Longcoat M [30/30]
  • Santa Vest M [30/30]
  • Stealth Suit F [30/30]

  • Rider's Inner Suit M [30/30]
  • Baroque Pants M [30/30]

  • Rider's Off-Road Boots M [30/30]
  • Rider's Off-Road Boots M (flame boost)[30/30]
  • Chic Sneakers M [30/30]
  • Runner's Guardian M [24/32]
  • Titanium Boots M [29/30]
  • Shoes of the Fighting Dragon F (blue) [30/30]

  • Santa Hat M [30/30]
  • Pyro Jack Mask M [30/30]
  • Pyro Jack Hat Green M [13/15]
  • Aello Helmet F [15/15]

  • Athame [22/22]
  • Beginner's Handgun [only for below lv30] [46/50]
  • Fireworks Green [30/30]
  • G-M16 [14/15]
  • Katana of Renki (x4) [15/15]
  • Unknown Sword [18/18]
  • RH Featherlight [25/25]
  • Gram (x2) [45/45]
  • Nambu Type 100 Mystical (x2)[10/10]
  • Raygun [50/50]
  • R40 [31/31]
  • G-M16 [only for below lv30] [15/15]

  • Dying Light IX (2)
  • Relic Piece (Jiabo)

  • Runestone of Change
  • Small Runestone of Victory
  • Small Runestone of Harvest (x4)
  • Small Runestone of Endurance

Quest Items
  • White Card (x3)
  • Red Card
  • Blue Card
  • Black Card (x6)
  • Faded Earring (Garnet) (x3)
  • Douman Charm (Broken) (x4)
  • Makanda Stone (x3)

  • Security Card (B6)
  • Valuable Card
  • Amethyst (x11)
  • Cracked Jade (x2)
  • Trainer's Eyepatch F [22/22]
  • Repaired File CD (Chatterskull) (x4)
  • Repaired File CD (Mou-Ryou) (x2)
  • Ultimate Summon Orb (x3)
  • Tinted Rosary: Mind (x2)

Update Log:

Last edited by L. Pigeon on Sat Feb 26, 2011 1:47 am; edited 43 times in total (Reason for editing : more item updates 8U might not be fully accurate)
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Clan Bank List Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clan Bank List   Clan Bank List EmptySat Aug 21, 2010 6:39 am

Okay, Imma leave these things in the clan bank, because I really don't use them or anything. Clan Bank List Cookiemonster I may borrow some cards for those Card Maniac things. I don't even know if I'll get anything useful... but eh.


50,000macca (yeah, I'm so rich!!11 /sarcasm)
100mags >.>

Furiae (x2)

Katana of Renki (x3)
Unknown Sword
Iron Pipe
Machete (Force)
Tiered Skirt
Ring of Sacrifice (Magic)
Ring of Sacrifice (Long-range)

Incense of Heredity (x20)
Cup of Twilight (x5)
Revival Orbs (x20)
Demonic Perfume

Succubus (x2)
Forneus (x2)
Byakko (x2)

Other things I can't categorize:
Broken IC Chip (x10) it got sold =.=
Decayed Scrap Iron (Bullet) (x12)
Opal (x6)
Firework (3ft diameter)
Firework (2ft diameter)
Mirror of Moonlight (Lunar Eclipse)
Runestone of Secrets

I know it's a lot of probably very useless things, but they've been sitting in my depo since the dawn of time and I don't even need them. But I don't wanna throw them out in case someone needs anything and I discard it like stupid. -.- And my bazaar can only contain 5 items. And those 5 items have never sold.
Clan Bank List Awesome

I poasted the list here for my own reference as well. Clan Bank List Cookiemonster


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Clan Bank List
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