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 Hello, anyone alive?

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Hello, anyone alive? Empty
PostSubject: Hello, anyone alive?   Hello, anyone alive? EmptyMon Nov 17, 2014 4:54 pm

Sooo, I'm not exactly sure how should I start this thread.
I'm an old as heck member, my in game name used to be XSexyKiller1 before it died. Not exactly sure why I'm posting here, I guess I'm just hoping some of the old members who might remember me still check this forum for fun times. Boy those were really good times, RIP SMT.
I wanted to appoligize for my behaviour and how immature I used to be in the past. Must of pissed of people so much sometimes, especially Shogasm. But I was still childish as hell back then, I believe I was 12 at that time, I'm 16 now. Got banned until 2014 later for posting stupid and inconsiderate shit on threads, so I waited it out and it's 2014 now.  If anyone ever checks this forum, I'm sorry for being an immature pain in the ass at sometimes. I miss so many of you so much and I wish SMT was still alive and I would do only so much to have some more time with the amazing members of clover.

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Hello, anyone alive?
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