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 Clan Cyberia's Fashion Event - Clover's invited

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Clan Cyberia's Fashion Event - Clover's invited Empty
PostSubject: Clan Cyberia's Fashion Event - Clover's invited   Clan Cyberia's Fashion Event - Clover's invited EmptyMon Mar 28, 2011 12:20 pm

Alright...some of you guys might hav heard already, but i still (have to) announce it all officially with all the correct details and information o.o...

Clan Clover (tht's us) has been invited to a rather big Event of our (Partner?)-Clan Cyberia

Here's the official Event-Announce on their Clanblog:


I hope I am allowed to link this...

So basically it is a Fashion-Event with a given topic you have to refer to in your entry.

Prizes are just great imo:

Round Prizes:
Round 1: Subterfuge: Black Weapon Data Ticket
Round 2: Black Santa Data Ticket
Round 3: 2 mil macca

Grand Prize: Young Soul Data Ticket

and the times for the first round are as followed:

Time: 4 PM US Central Time 2 PM PST 5 PM East Coast
and maybe a make up to accomodate at different time zones for petition

+16 hours Australia/Sydney = 8 AM o.o
+7 hoursEurope/Amsterdam 11 PM
+7 hours Europe/Berlin 11 PM
+15 hoursPacific/Guam 7 AM
-5 hours Pacific/Honolulu 11 AM

...i admit i'm not too familiar with this kind of events, but i am certainly sure you can either ask me, our "Clannie" Bladedo (known as Paul) or Longing by himself o_o

Feel free to PM any of us.

As also mentioned on the Post, our clan can announce one (1) judge being on tht time the event is hold to o.o...judge. If interested to be a judge, pls tell me asap. (Skype, MSN, PM here, Ingame,...)

It would also be kind of nice to state if u will TRY to participate or if you're just NOT interested at all, since you have to consider Longing tried rly hard to figure a time zone that is at least kind of matching to our clan's activeness...

Cuz if none wants to come he can pretty much change the time zone so it fits their clan's activeness better.
So please give a lil feedback.

As for myself, i am truely sorry for my inactiveness lately. I hav a lot of bullshit going on on megaten atm with basically a crazy stalker nd his entire Clan trying to terrorize me...so i thought i would take a little break till it all calmed down...blame Aeria for not having a "MUTE"-Function...tho they would still crowd me nd whatever not.

I will try to be online more, mostly on Sebastian`sama, since that char is not as much terrorized as my main...

Still I will try to be online in Skype alot, so if any questions, whatever, contact me there.

Clan Cyberia's Fashion Event - Clover's invited Newsiggym
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Clan Cyberia's Fashion Event - Clover's invited
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