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 Information About the Clan

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PostSubject: Information About the Clan   Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:18 pm

Clan Master: Elairep
Clan Subs: Serria`, Sho`, ChieriAsuka, Zuloo, DarkYumi, ShampooHomicide, and yexie

Clan Description: We are a fun clan that wants to recruit active players. We do lots of runs as a clan, and we also sponsor clan events. We're are a laid-back level 10 clan with many players--beginners and experienced. We would like to recruit more enhancers, armsmakers, swordsmiths and synths. Our subs and clan master are very active, and at least one of us are online at all time.

You may also post a topic expressing your interest in joining clan Clover. Please include your IGN, class, level, and a fun fact about yourself in this post. We look forward to meeting you. =D
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Information About the Clan
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