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 Nice Equips for Destruction Mages

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PostSubject: Nice Equips for Destruction Mages   Nice Equips for Destruction Mages EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 12:15 am

I thought I'd try to compile a nice list of equips that are good for Shot (Destruction) Mages since people are often asking what equips are good for so and so class. Unfortunately I don't know anything about other classes so I'll stick to my own.

So here goes. Obviously very important is damage bonuses. While +magic bonuses are good for lower levels +% bonuses are way better once you higher levels (and not even that high). Also +magic bonuses on a lot of equips is misleading. Often these bonuses don't mean that you get a higher magic stat, but just that you get extra magic defense. The only equips that raise your magic stat are rings, earrings, and extensions. All other body parts mean magical defense when they have a +magic stat. Of course when the equip says +% damage your damage increases.

Second most important (in my opinion) is skill cool down times. This is very important for mages who plan on maxing the Destruction Magic expertise and want to use those -dyne and almighty skills to the fullest. These skills, while awesomely powerful, have very long cooldown times, so you will mostly be using mid-damage skills with an occasional -dyne skill thrown in. However, if you manage to lower the cooldown time you can use the high damage skills all the time and not stand around waiting for the skill to be usable again.

I'll update it when I find more stuff, and please feel free to make suggestions.

Yes, I know, I talk too much. So here's the list:

Epee (+44 spell damage)
Poseidon's Trident (+37 spell, +20% ice-based skill effect)
Phlogiston (+35 spell, +3 consecutive agi and agilao attacks allowed)
Eistanzer (+3 consecutive bufu and bufula attacks allowed)

Supremacy Sets (reduces incantation and cooldown times)
Red Rider's Sets: Red, White, Blue (gives +% elemental damage)
Purple Rider's Set (gives +% damage)
Summer Gothic Sets (-40% incantation and cooldown if you have the full set)

Fighting Maid's Dress (-25% incantation and cooldown)
Outlaw Cloak (+8% damage, and +6% damage to all party members)
Salon Dress (+6% fire and ice damage)
Jasmine (+12% damage, +6% fire, ice, magic skill effect if demon is Open Hearts or above)
Mint (+8% fire, ice, magic skill effect, +12% damage if demon is Open Hearts or above)

Santa Pants or Santa Miniskirt (+6% damage, -10% incantation and cooldown)
Ambitious Slacks (+10 magic, +7% damage)
Noh Pants (Drifting Boat) (m) (+4% spell damage)
Mysterious Slacks (f) (-15% cool down time)

Iced Earring: Praying Flash (law, +spell damage)
Seeking Earring: Praying Flash (neutral, +spell damage)
Fury Earring: Praying Flash (chaos, +spell damage)
Shamrock Necklace (+5% damage, +20% expel)
Mithra's Guidance (+12% spell damage if demon is Open Hearts or above)
Emerald Flare (+8% spell damage)
Christmas Sapphire Ring (+8% spell damage)

Cheating Glasses (+5% damage)
Outlaw Glasses (+5% damage, +4% damage to all party members)

Replica Helm (+3% damage)

Amplifier Comp (+10% damage)
Magic Amplifier (+12% spell damage)
Silver Pallidion (+15% damage)

Tarots and Soul Stones

III of Rods (mgc +3)
IV of Rods (mgc +4)
Elf (Mgc +2, Spd -1, str -1)
Decarabia (Mgc +2)

Soul stones:
Kikuri Hime (ring, earring, talisman, extra) (mgc +1, int +1)
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PostSubject: cheap mage weapons   Nice Equips for Destruction Mages EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 11:49 pm

if you want a cheap, throw-awayable mage weapon then Kris Naga are the best. Since they have 35 durability and only are 8-9 k each depending on your alignment and town you are buying in. The only downside is no bonus %'s and they are cheaper to buy new ones than to repair in any major town besides home 3
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PostSubject: Re: Nice Equips for Destruction Mages   Nice Equips for Destruction Mages EmptySat Dec 18, 2010 3:20 pm

mysterious slacks = WANT XD
too bad they're really rare now and i feel so stupid for not knowing that buying new kris naga's were cheaper DX *thwacks self
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PostSubject: Re: Nice Equips for Destruction Mages   Nice Equips for Destruction Mages Empty

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Nice Equips for Destruction Mages
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