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 Zeph's Quaint Shop

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PostSubject: Zeph's Quaint Shop   Tue Jun 15, 2010 10:12 pm

Please leave a message below or PM me in game or on the forums if you're interested in anything. =) These are all clan discounted prices too. =O


Legion's Crystal 30K
Rider's Inner Suit (red) (f)

EQUIPS I might sell these if you really want it and offer something nice

Fighting Maid Dress
Fighting Maid Headband
Rider's Neckwarmer (red) (f)
Rider's Hard Gloves (red) (f)
Mithra's Guidance
Seeking Earring: Praying Flash
Type T Move comp
Action Skirt
Wing Vendetta



Mysterious Slacks
Santa Miniskirt
Mint (any color)
Christmas Sapphire Ring
Grimoir Ash

(yes I know I can't afford all of these Dx)
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Zeph's Quaint Shop
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