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 Synther/Crafter Class Guides

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PostSubject: Synther/Crafter Class Guides   Synther/Crafter Class Guides EmptyMon Jun 14, 2010 2:22 pm

This is the guide index for synthers on he Megaten website. I'm just going to list some especially useful ones underneath.

Nesais's Raw Material Farming Reference Guide

Soul Stone and Tarot Index

Another Soul Stone Index

Demon Crystalization:
Gems for Families
Amethyst- Evil Dragon, Raptor
Aquamarine- Fairy, Foul
Coral- Dragon King
Diamond- Seraph, Tyrant
Emerald- Avian, Dragon, Element
Garnet- Beast, Wilder
Jade- Haunt, Wild Bird
Opal- Evil Demon, Femme
Pearl- Godly Beast, Heavenly God, Nation Ruler, Reaper
Peridot- Brute, Yoma
Ruby- Demon God, Guardian, Vile
Sapphire- Demigod, Earth Mother, Goddess, Holy Beast
Topaz- Earth Spirits, Nocturne
Turquoise- Divine, Fallen Angel
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Synther/Crafter Class Guides
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